German canoe boat completely destroyed by forklift


German canoe boat completely destroyed by forklift

The German K4 boat is junk

Boat fright for Germany! The canoeists' work equipment was rammed by a forklift truck and suffered a total write-off.

A total loss of their four-kayak on the trip to Tokyo shocked the German K4 crew around veteran Ronald Rauhe shortly before the Olympic Games. The parade boat of the German Canoe Association (DKV) was rammed by a forklift while being loaded in Luxembourg and badly damaged, according to a statement.

The forks hit the K4 so badly and destroyed it, “that it was a total write-off.” A replacement boat for Max Rendschmidt, Roland Rauhe, Tom Liebscher and Max Lemke is scheduled to go to Japan this Thursday.

“The trainer and we were pretty relaxed at first. The special thing is that this boat with this type of construction only exists twice in the whole world,” explained Liebscher. “One is now destroyed, the other we have currently used during the preparations in Duisburg. This boat must now go to Tokyo as soon as possible,” said Liebscher.

In Tokyo, the K4 crew has a replacement boat, “but only a prototype – and unfortunately it is not pink either. Therefore, it was important to us that we get the boat from the preparations in Duisburg somehow to Tokyo” , described Rauhe.

The canoeists will travel to the Olympic city next Sunday. The German K4 is the top favorite over the 500 meter distance. In Rio, Rendschmidt and Liebscher won gold with Max Hoff and Marcus Groß in 2016 over the distance that was twice as long at the time.

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