German Justice Ministry confirmed claims to Telegram

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German Justice Ministry confirmed claims to Telegram

Moscow. June 14. INTERFAX.RU – The representative of the Ministry of Justice of Germany confirmed the claims to the Telegram messenger.

“They don't have a clear path to complain about suspicious content,” she told reporters in Berlin.

According to a ministry spokesman, Telegram now has time to formulate its response to the German department.

The German edition of Der Spiegel reported that the messenger was out of the reach of governments. Other services cooperate with state authorities, and in the case of Telegram, the German authorities did not even know for a long time to which address to send requests. Now the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany has opened official proceedings.

Der Spiegel wrote that Telegram has become a resource where anyone can write anything. And this attracts all sorts of conspiracy theorists. For example, in Germany, the messenger is popular with right-wing extremists, drug dealers and fraudsters. The publication calls Telegram an analogue of the darknet.

According to the publication, Berlin intends to require Telegram to cooperate with the country's authorities, remove illegal content and transfer the data necessary for the investigation to the special services. It is noted that officials sent official inquiries to the company's office in Dubai, but received no response.

Der Spiegel notes that the messenger faces fines of up to 55 million euros.

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