German Klimenko called the expected blocking of Xiaomi smartphones in Crimea

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German Klimenko called the expected blocking of Xiaomi smartphones in Crimea

German Klimenko, Chairman of the Board of the Digital Economy Development Fund, commented on the situation with the blocking of Xiaomi phones in Crimea. According to the community of developers of mobile devices XDA Developers, the corporation has restricted the use of its smartphones in a number of countries since September 2021. In addition to the Russian Crimea, the list also includes Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Sudan.

German Klimenko noted that it is senseless to deny the sanctions against Crimea – they have been operating on the territory of the peninsula for a long time. For example, you cannot use paid services of Google, Microsoft, and other foreign companies there. But sometimes the prohibitions could be circumvented.

“Until the last moment, it was possible to buy Xiaomi devices here, bring them to Crimea, and then activate them. But now the corporations have turned the agreements that work for them into practice. And in Crimea, it became impossible to buy Xiaomi and activate it. there are no our companies at all, it all looks like a rather expected story. Not very good and not very pleasant, because now you have to buy Xiaomi in Krasnodar, activate it in Krasnodar, and only then start work in Crimea, “Klimenko said on the air of the radio” TVNZ”.

Speaking about Xiaomi's motives, Klimenko suggested that the company may be going to enter the American market, where it has not yet been represented. And so he prepares for it. Losing the Russian, Sudanese and other markets is not scary for them, says the chairman of the board of the digital economy development fund.

“Without thinking, they will do it. The money is too big. We all do not like this, but many are surprised that this has not happened yet. In the agreement of Xiaomi on the sale of its devices, the countries to which export is prohibited are clearly spelled out. Not buying by citizens and exploitation there, but export. And there the sale is on the spot, “- said Klimenko.

He noted that it would be strange to demand loyalty from foreign Xiaomi in connection with Crimea, since even domestic businessmen work with the peninsula with extreme caution, realizing all the risks that arise from such cooperation.

As the site wrote earlier, users of Xiaomi smartphones who faced the blocking found a way out. After flashing, all the functions of the device become available again.

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