German professor vaccinated everyone with a homemade drug

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German professor vaccinated everyone homemade drug

Winfried Stecker developed the drug in his laboratory and tested it first on himself, family members and friends.

At the airport in the German city of Lubeck, law enforcement officers interrupted the action of “vaccination against coronavirus” of those who wish with a drug that did not have official registration. It was held on November 27 by the owner of the airport, professor of medicine Winfried Stecker with his own “ vaccine “.

More than 200 people gathered at the airport, more than 50 of whom managed to inject before police and law enforcement intervened.

Deutsche Welle reports.

If the suspicions of law enforcement officers are justified, Stecker’s act will be qualified as a violation of the drug law. He developed the drug in his laboratory, and tested it first on himself, family members and friends, and then several dozen volunteers agreed to be vaccinated.

According to Stecker himself, his drug is based on “a recombinant antigen that can be obtained easily and cheaply in a test tube.” A similar principle of action has a vaccine against the coronavirus of the American concern Novavax, the application for registration of which for use in the European Union is being considered by the regulator. However, Stecker had neither official permission, nor research protocol, nor preclinical approval.

Full clinical studies of the drug have not been conducted. In September 2020, the doctor announced the results of his research at the Paul Ehrlich Institute (Das Paul-Ehrlich-Institut), which is responsible in Germany for the registration of vaccines and monitoring in this area. He asked to expand the experiments to confirm the effectiveness of the drug, but the institute responded to the prosecutor's office.

Recall that in the spring in Germany, law enforcement officers opened a case against a nurse of one of the vaccination centers for replacing the coronavirus vaccine with saline . The woman assured that it was a one-time incident – she accidentally broke the ampoule and, out of fear of losing her job, filled the vaccine bottle with saline.

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