Germany and France again play along with Putin – political scientist


Germany and France play along again Putin, – political scientist

Germany and France again play along with Putin/Getty Images hinder the introduction of another package of sanctions against Russia. At the same time, Germany and France are still trying to play into Putin's hands.

Political scientist Alexander Antonyuk told Channel 24 about this. In his opinion, the sixth package of sanctions against the terrorist state will be cut off.

In Europe, there is a policy of double standards, – Antonyuk

The political scientist emphasized, that the blocking of the oil embargo, on which discussions are still ongoing, is helping Russia to circumvent sanctions.

According to him, it is necessary to draw the attention of the international community to the positions of European countries that are actually pursuing a policy of double standards.

“We must use every communication platform to call a spade a spade. Even after our victory, if Hungary will continue such a policy. This also applies to Germany and France, which are now starting to play along with Putin again,” Antonyuk said. p>As early as May 9, Emmanuel Macron noted in the European Parliament that Ukraine may take a long time to join the EU and suggested creating a new format of cooperation. Such an initiative may be an attempt to persuade Ukraine to an alternative to EU membership.

“Such a policy of double standards generally denies the concept of those democratic standards that we dreamed about, in which we ourselves believed and on which the political establishment of Western Europe,” the political scientist noted.

When today we hear such statements from Macron or Scholz, we need to put them clearly in their place, – Alexander Antonyuk believes.

He added that when some countries again begin to play along with Putin, they indirectly become “assistants” of this regime, whose tolerance allowed the genocide of the people of one of the largest countries on the map of Europe.

“The lack of reaction on Transnistria, Ossetia, the Chechen war, the lack of an adequate reaction on the occupation of Crimea and today's statements – it means that you are satisfied with this order. That is, this is a policy of double standards and they need to be severely criticized for this,” the political scientist believes.

EU Statements on Russia and Ukraine: Latest News

  • French President Emmanuel Macron offered sovereignty concessions to President Vladimir Zelensky. Everything to succeed in mediation between Ukraine and Russia. The corresponding proposal, of course, was rejected by the Ukrainian leader.
  • Hungary's position in relation to the Russian terrorist regime remains unchanged on the issue of sanctions. The head of the country's Foreign Ministry, Peter Szijjarto, said that Hungary is ready to support the embargo on Russian oil only if it concerns only sea oil. He refuses a full embargo.
  • At the same time, Germany said that they could not yet afford a full embargo of Russian gas.

Alexander Antonyuk about positions of European countries: watch the video

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