Germany began sending Patriot systems to Poland: they will be placed near the border of Ukraine


Germany started sending Patriot systems to Poland: they will be placed near the border of Ukraine

The German military has begun moving the first two of three Patriot batteries to Poland. The air defense systems are heading towards the borders with Ukraine.

The Welt TV channel broadcast the beginning of the movement of the column from the city of Gnoin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The air defense system follows the area of ​​u200bu200bthe city of Zamosc in southeastern Poland. It is 60 kilometers from the border with Ukraine and 110 kilometers from Lviv.

The Patriot air defense system will be located 60 kilometers from the border of Poland and Ukraine

Not far from the location of the air defense system there is a railway station used for both civilian and military cargo heading to Ukraine.

Column equipment must cover 1,100 kilometers.

The military of the Bundeswehr have been in Poland since January 16 and, together with Polish colleagues, are preparing to install and use these weapons systems.

The purpose of deploying German Patriot air defense systems in Poland is “to protect Poland's airspace and strengthen the eastern flank of NATO”.

Why Germany is transferring Patriot air defense systems to Poland

  • In November, a missile fell in Poland during a massive shelling of Ukraine by Russia. Two Polish citizens died as a result of the tragedy.
  • After the tragic incident in the village of Przewodow, Germany decided to offer Patriot missile defense systems to Poland
  • Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak first accepted the German offer, but subsequently asked to give Patriot Ukraine system. Then the Ukrainian government asked partners to provide Patriot because of the massive Russian attacks. Berlin refused to transfer the air defense system to Ukraine and Poland will receive the Patriot.
  • However, Germany will still provide Ukraine with the Patriot air defense system. This became known in January after talks between Chancellor Olaf Scholz and US President Joe Biden.
  • In addition to Germany, Patriot air defense systems have already been promised to Ukraine in the United States and the Netherlands. The Ukrainian military has already begun training on this air defense system.

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