Germany hands over more Leopard 2s to Ukraine than agreed


Germany hands over more Leopard 2s to Ukraine than agreed

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already received 18 Leopard 2 tanks from Germany, as well as ammunition and spare parts. Berlin argues that the military aid package should be smaller.

Germany planned to send 14 tanks, but increased the number because MBTs could affect the development of events on the front.

Promised – Delivered: 18 Leopard 2 A6 main battle tanks plus packages of ammunition and spare parts arrived in Ukraine today.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius emphasized that MBTs are of great importance for defense, so they were handed over to the defenders on time.

“Our tanks, as promised, arrived on time in the hands of Ukrainian friends. I am sure that they can do something important at the front,” Pistorius said.

Note! On March 27, it was reported that Leopard 2 had already arrived in Ukraine. In addition to 18 tanks, Germany handed over 40 armored personnel carriers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, journalists claimed that deliveries were scheduled for March-April.

More tanks arrived

Germany, together with Sweden and Portugal, laid down a battle group and handed over more tanks to the defenders of Ukraine than planned.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received 4 more tanks than planned. Pistorius stressed that Kyiv can rely on Berlin.

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