Germany helps Kyiv so that the war does not come close to its borders – Scholz


Germany is helping Kyiv so that the war does not come close to its borders, – Scholz< /p>

Olaf Scholz released a video message in which he spoke about Berlin's political course towards Russia and the war in Ukraine. The German Chancellor stressed that he takes into account not only the need to support our state, but also the security considerations of his country.

The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources, said that Scholz, criticized for being hesitant to transfer Western tanks to Ukraine, actually played a key role in lifting the unofficial taboo on such assistance. In particular, it was he who convinced US President Joe Biden of the need to supply American tanks, who doubted that this should be done.

Germany does not want the war not approached its borders

According to Scholz, Germany's security remains the government's priority.

Our goal is clear – in Russia it must not be possible to expand the borders by the use of force, the chancellor said.

He also added that the Germans want “peace in Europe and that the war does not get closer.” Germany's foreign policy is based on three principles:

  • humanitarian, financial and military-technical support for Ukraine;
  • preventing the escalation of the conflict, its escalation into a war between Russia and NATO;
  • close coordination of all actions with allies and partners led by the United States.

Scholz noted that from the beginning Russia's attack on Ukraine, the German government makes informed decisions, always agreed upon at the international level. He recalled that it was Russian President Vladimir Putin who provoked the “terrible, cruel and senseless war” in Ukraine.

More about Germany's assistance to Ukraine

  • Germany finally accepted the long-awaited for Ukraine decision on the supply of Leopard 2. From Berlin, our military will receive a company of such tanks.
  • At the same time, against the background of the transfer of tanks to Ukraine, Leopard 2 excluded the supply of fighters. Also, the country will not involve its fighters in the war in Ukraine now or in the future.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with Chancellor Olaf Scholz after the announcement of the Leopard transfer to Ukraine. Scholz said that transferring weapons to Ukraine is the right thing, but he wants to avoid an escalation of the war.

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