Germany told when Marder BMPs would arrive in Ukraine and made a statement about Leopard tanks


Germany told when Marder infantry fighting vehicles will arrive in Ukraine and made a statement about Leopard tanks

Berlin will try to transfer the Marder infantry fighting vehicles promised to Ukraine in the next few months. Also in the country, they cautiously suggested the transfer of Leopard tanks to us.

Germany promised Ukraine 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said at a press conference on January 12 that Berlin would try to deliver them before the end of the first quarter of this year.

Marder will go to Ukraine together with trained military

Lambrecht said that together with the BMP Marder, Ukrainian defenders would go to Ukraine, who would be taught how to use them. Note that on January 9, Berlin reported that Marder deliveries would be on time, and training would begin “soon.”

We will make sure that by the end of the first quarter, 40 Marder and the Ukrainian military prepared for their use go to Ukraine,” Lambrecht said.

Will Germany give its Leopard tanks

As for the possibility of transferring Leopard heavy tanks to Ukraine, according to Lambrecht, the German government has not yet made a decision on this matter. The head of the German Defense Ministry once again stated that Germany does not intend to take “one-sided steps” in the supply of weapons to Kyiv. However, at the same time, she did not deny this possibility.

In the times we live in, we are given good advice to adapt to the appropriate situation,” she said.

Which countries are ready to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine

  • On January 11, Polish President Andrzej Duda met with Volodymyr Zelensky in Lvov and announced the transfer of a company of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.
  • Earlier, Finland suggested that it could provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks, but in coordination with other countries. They also clarified that the number of transferred armored vehicles cannot be large, since Finland borders on Russia and is not yet a NATO member state.

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