Germany will provide grant assistance to Ukraine: they named the amount


Germany will provide grant assistance to Ukraine : they named the amount

Germany will provide money to Ukraine/Collage 24 channel

Germany will provide grant assistance to Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about a billion euros.

Anka Feldhusen provided the answer. She wrote about this on May 29 – on the 95th day of the war that Russia launched against Ukraine.

The German Ambassador to Ukraine met with the Minister of Finance

Discussed with the Minister of Finance Serhiy Marchenko the current state in the financial sector and the provision of grants (1 billion euros) to Ukraine from Germany, – says in the message.

The diplomat explained that she was pleased with the close cooperation between the ministries of finance of our countries.

At the same time, Germany is in no hurry to provide assistance to Ukraine. Responding to these media reproaches, Economy Minister Robert Gabek explained that they could not fulfill all the wishes.

However, the German minister assured that the Ukrainian military was learning to cope with the German Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers that would go to the front.


Soon Germany will transfer these weapons to Ukraine. Therefore, it cannot be said that the FRG does not supply or sends too little assistance to Ukraine. True, Berlin really cannot satisfy all the needs of Kyiv. Therefore, a certain tension arose,” Gabek noted.

By the way, the Panzerhaubitze 2000 is one of the most modern artillery installations in the world. It is known that this is a self-propelled gun-howitzer with a caliber of 155 millimeters, developed by the German concern Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.

This installation has an automatic loading system with an ammunition load of 60 rounds and 228 modular projectiles. Panzerhaubitze 2000 is equipped with a modern high-precision ground navigation system. The range of fire with a standard projectile is up to 30 – 36 kilometers.

Briefly about assistance to Ukraine from Germany

  • On May 29, the media wrote that during the 9 weeks of the war, Germany almost did not supply weapons to Ukraine, although it promised. When stating this, the press referred to documents.
  • In particular, it is known that during March 30-May 26, only two batches of weapons from the German government arrived in Ukraine.
  • The batches contained only small devices. The first is machine gun parts, incendiaries, detonating cords, radios, hand grenades, explosive charges and mines. The second batch is 3,000 anti-tank mines, 1,600 specialized directional anti-tank mines.
  • Commenting on the issue of providing Ukraine with heavy weapons, Olaf Scholz stated that he “always keeps pace with NATO partners”, and Ukraine's support was ” coordinated closely with our partners and allies.” It is known that NATO countries do not provide Western-style tanks to Ukraine, therefore Germany refused to provide them and armored personnel carriers.

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