Gerontologists have determined the “shelf life” of the human body

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Gerontologists have determined the

With basic stats, you can live quite a long time.

So far, the French woman Jeanne Kalman, who died at 122 years old, is officially considered the record holder for life expectancy among people. But scientists believe that this is not the limit.

Gerontologists have determined the

Everyone, of course, thinks and worries about his own. Gerontologists, for example, are alarmed that for 25 years no one has been able to break the longevity record set by the deceased citizen Kalman. Although scientists are still eagerly awaiting the emergence of a new record holder. They do not give up hope for this, if only due to the fact that the average life expectancy in developed countries and in the world as a whole is steadily growing.

The researchers have several explanations for this:

  1. Kalman's documents are fake, there was no record.

  2. There is an absolute maximum for human life, a ceiling that Kalman has approached and which no one can break through.

  3. These are all the vicissitudes of statistics. There are too few superlong-livers, and random “outliers” from the general pattern are extremely rare to fit into a slender curve.

But such arguments were not enough for a group of scientists from Singapore, Russia and the United States. And instead of looking at the maximum life span of modern people, they estimated the rate of their aging and calculated by what point a person's “shelf life” should expire anyway. And the results were published in the journal Nature Communications. We, in turn, would strongly recommend that they look at the map of the countries with the highest life expectancy.

Scientists have collected data from half a million people on the concentration of formed elements in the blood and have derived an indicator of the human condition (DOSI), which reflects the rate of aging. It turned out that the DOSI value grows from birth to 20 years, a plateau period passes, and after 50 years it starts to grow again. At the same time, they found that with age it is more difficult for the human body to stabilize after stressful situations, and suggested that sooner or later the body will completely lose its ability to return to balance. And although there were no people over 90 years old in the sample, scientists got a threshold beyond which the balance is not restored – it is 120 years. And you should also know how the life expectancy of people depends on the region of residence.

The authors of the work repeated their calculations with another parameter – the level of physical activity, which they estimated from the data of fitness trackers. The trend turned out exactly the same, but the result is different: the maximum life expectancy fell on 150 years.

The article uses materials from Nature Communications.

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