Getting on the plane on the evening of the 23rd, I already knew that the war would start in a couple of hours, – Kuleba


Getting on the plane on the evening of the 23rd, I already knew that the war would start in a couple of hours, – Kuleba

Dmitry Kuleba/Photo from the archive of the site 24

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba spoke about the war on the diplomatic front and explained why Ukraine's victory is inevitable.

The war did not paralyze or even complicate the work of Ukrainian diplomats. “We must pay tribute to COVID-19, which taught us how to work remotely without losing efficiency and remaining as one team,” says Kuleba.

Now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine works from three separate regions and, despite the war, is constantly in communication and acts smoothly and effectively. According to Kuleba, digital documentation and the provision of consulting services have already been implemented in safe regions.

Getting on a plane to New York on the evening of the 23rd, I already knew that the war would begin in a couple of hours, – the minister tells about how he met on February 24th. – I spent the entire transatlantic flight connected to wi-fi, following the news, briefing my people, because war does not stop diplomacy.

Ukraine's demands

The Foreign Minister assures that the Ukrainian delegation in negotiations with the aggressor takes a clear and principled position: preserving the territorial integrity of Ukraine and guaranteeing security for our state.

Sanctions on Russia Unprecedented

Kuleba is confident that a full escalation has already taken place. While negotiations with Russia are ongoing, our diplomats are working to ensure the supply of the necessary weapons to Ukraine and the strengthening of sanctions against the aggressor country. Ukraine. Until this happens, any sanctions will not be enough, the foreign minister assures. – The current sanctions are unprecedented, but as long as the war continues, they will continue to be imposed.

The head of the Foreign Ministry believes that the population of other countries can influence the opinion of their authorities and encourage them to provide the necessary weapons and close the sky over Ukraine. Through diplomacy, Ukraine has reached a consensus among its partners on sanctions and armaments. However, the search for the best scenario for the safety of guarantees is still ongoing.

The government has a plan of action, both for the week and for the year

For Ukrainians, winning this war means preserving our identity and saving the country, so I have no doubt that Ukraine will win,” the minister says.

He assures that the government has a plan of action to for a week of war, and for 6 months or a year. Kuleba does not make predictions about the duration of the war, but claims that, as a diplomat, he is doing everything in his power to put an end to it as soon as possible. According to the Foreign Minister, he will stay in Kyiv as long as necessary to protect the city on the diplomatic front.

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