“Giant UFO”: a rare natural phenomenon was observed in Turkey


"Giant UFO": rare natural phenomenon observed in Turkey

In Turkey, a rare natural phenomenon, a lenticular cloud, was recorded over the city of Bursa. The cloud has a rather strange shape, and therefore went viral on social networks.

A giant pink cloud appeared over Bursa on January 19th. The network questioned the veracity of the photo and video. However, they are real, meteorologists have dispelled all doubts and explained what kind of natural phenomenon it is.

This is a lenticular cloud, which is a type of cloud that has the shape of a saucer or coinciding lens. They usually appear in mountainous areas.

Eyewitnesses were fascinated by the natural phenomenon.

The pictures of the cloud were taken at sunset, and eyewitnesses say that it retained its gigantic shape about an hour. The color of the cloud changed as it moved around the sun.

On social media, commentators wrote that the lenticular cloud over the city resembled a giant UFO.

As meteorologists explain the phenomenon

According to the Turkish Meteorological Board, lenticular clouds usually form during the wind when the air passes over tall buildings or mountains.

This leads to the condensation of water vapor, and the cloud resembles the area below them.

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