Gogilashvili, Semenchenko, a former escort: how Budanov commented on the scandals associated with him


Gogilashvili, Semenchenko, former escort: how Budanov commented on the scandals associated with him< /p>

The head of Ukrainian intelligence once found himself at the center of a public scandal at the beginning of a full-scale war. In particular, when he and his wife moved into the house of the family of the then Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Gogilashvili.

After all, then the Deputy Interior Minister staged a “showdown” at the checkpoint. Subsequently, Gogilashvili was fired from his post.

How Budanov commented on the scandal

Kirill Budanov said that he lived in a house with Alexander Gogilashvili, when in his They were renovating their own apartment. In addition, he assured that he continued to communicate with Gogilashvili and did not see anything wrong with it.

According to him, the former deputy minister joined the Shaman special military intelligence unit and, among other things, fought off the Russian attack on the airfield in Gostomel on the first day of the war.

What the head said intelligence about Semenchenko and Ksyusha Maneken

In June 2022, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine asked to release Semyon Semenchenko, who was under house arrest, to go to war. Semenchenko is the commander of the “Donbass” battalion.

It was not normal when Semenchenko was closed, let's start with that. We will not go into details, but whatever he is, he is definitely not the main enemy of Ukraine. Did he contribute in 2014-2015? Where is he now? We'll see, – said Budanov, but did not continue the topic.

In addition, the head of Ukrainian intelligence commented on the information about the awarding of intelligence medals to some bloggers during the war, in particular, Ksyusha Mannequin. The latter once earned money as an escort.

Kirill Budanov assured that bloggers were actively performing intelligence tasks from March to May 2022. However, the head of intelligence did not answer the question of what exactly they were doing.

Pay attention! In March, Ksyusha Maneken (Oksana Voloshchuk) on the network showed the difference “with the assistance of the military intelligence of Ukraine of the II degree” from the Chief intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense. The intelligence explained that she received an incentive award. Indeed, “in view of the peculiarities of certain tasks, for their implementation the structure can attract people of different professions and social status.”

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