Good night, Moscow: Prytula and Sternenko showed what the fury of Ukrainians has turned into


Good night, Moscow: Prytula and Sternenko showed what the fury of Ukrainians has turned into

A few months ago, on October 10, 2022, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. At the same time, Sergiy Prytula and Sergiy Sternenko announced a new camp. We show what we managed to acquire.

Volunteer Sergiy Prytula posted a video on his telegram. On it, he showed what the Ukrainians managed to raise when he, together with Sergei Sternenko, announced the collection “For revenge”.

The enemy expects a lot of “cotton”

According to Prytula, then they managed to collect 352 million hryvnias. Part of the funds was spent on the purchase of drones that the guys had behind their backs. Such “birds” are able to fly up to 30 kilometers. With their help , they will destroy enemy equipment and their air defense systems.

But these are just flowers. We also managed to purchase drones that will fly 200, as well as as many as 800 kilometers.

Russians, this game can be played together. Good night, Moscow, said the volunteers.

If we have already started talking about drones, then it would be useful to recall other good news. Thus, Ukraine will receive 14 mobile systems with which it will be possible to shoot down Iranian drones.

VAMPIRE will be brought to Ukraine

We are talking about missile systems designed to shoot down drones. Their transfer provides for a contract already signed by the American company L3Harris Technologies and the US Department of Defense. The sum of the agreements is 40 million dollars.

Our state should be given 14 such installations. They will be supplied in batches. The first of 4 systems will be delivered by mid-2023. The rest promised to send before the end of this year.

The peculiarity of such installations is that they can be installed on the body of commercial pickups. And this means that VAMPIRE is ideal for mobile work on drones that Russia is attacking Ukraine with.

Note that the enemy is running out of Shaheeds. According to reports, he has already used 88% of all drones. On his balance sheet, Reznikov reported, there are 90 more UAVs. And with them, the occupiers can make another 1 – 2 massive attacks before they receive a new batch of “mopeds”. Note that it can contain 200 – 300 drones.

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