“Good will certainly defeat Russian evil”: the Foreign Ministry renewed the invitation for the Pope to visit Ukraine


The Pontiff may soon visit Kyiv and Moscow./Channel 24 Collage

The Pope announced that he could soon visit Moscow and Kyiv. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine says that they are looking forward to the visit of Francis to the Ukrainian capital.

This was announced by Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko. He stressed that Ukraine has repeatedly expressed its invitation to the Pope on the occasion of the visit.

This visit will support Ukrainians during the war, – MFA

We believe that this visit will strengthen the role of the pontiff in restoring peace on Ukrainian soil, as well as support the spirit of Ukrainians suffering because of Russian aggression, the diplomatic department noted.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry noted that Moscow, in turn, in every possible way ignores the willingness of the Pope to visit Russia. The ministry says that this is evidence that the regime of the aggressor state seeks war, not peace.

Invitations to the pontiff have been renewed

Official Kyiv stressed that now is the time to deepen ties with those who sincerely seek it. The invitation for the pontiff was renewed and urged to continue praying for Ukraine.

Good will certainly defeat Russian evil, the Foreign Ministry added.

What is known about the possible visit of the pontiff to Kyiv and Moscow:

  • The Pope told the media that he could visit Ukraine upon his return from Canada.
  • However, the pontiff would like to visit Moscow in Kyiv to help.< /li>
  • No Pope has come to Russia before.
  • Contacts for organizing the visit have already been established by Cardinal Parolin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
  • Several months ago, in the Russian government was told that such a visit was not in time.

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