Google foldable smartphone declassified

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Google foldable smartphone declassified

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Google will become one of the companies producing foldable smartphones. This is reported by the 9to5Google edition.

Media reporters refer to an anonymous insider who said that the American company plans to release the first foldable smartphone. The mention of the future device was found in the code of the beta version of Android 12.

In the declassified data, the phone appears under the names Jumbojack and Passport (“Passport”). The latter name probably hints at the form factor of the device. The smartphone will have two halves connected by a hinge. Visually, the gadget will resemble the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The device will receive two displays – a large internal and a compact external.

In the OS code from Google, they also found a mention of system mechanisms inherent in folding devices. In particular, there is a description of scenarios in which the main display of the phone is folded or opened.

The existence of a prototype smartphone was confirmed on Twitter by well-known insider Evan Blass. According to Blass, the folding gadget will be called Passport, and the model will be presented before the end of the year. Also this fall, Google will launch the flagships of the Pixel 6 series.

Business Korea sources previously revealed that Apple is working on the first foldable smartphone. The company intends to present two models of the device.

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