Google top managers are unhappy with the head of the company

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Google top managers are unhappy with the head of the company

Over the past 6 years, the value of Google's parent company, Alphabet, has tripled. Of course, the current head of the search giant, Sundar Pichai, played a significant role in this. But despite this, within the company, a strong discontent is brewing with a seemingly talented leader.

And if the dissatisfaction of ordinary employees could be attributed to the “realities of life”, then the fact that Pichai dislikes some of the top management raises serious questions.

A lot of both those who left Google and those who are still working in it declare about the problems of the IT giant, writes The New York Times. They associate them with the leadership style of Sundar Pichai.

On condition of anonymity, they said that the head of the company at once fell into a large number of traps of a large developing company. Including those associated with “paralyzing bureaucracy”, bias towards inaction, as well as close attention to public perception.

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