Grain stolen from Ukraine is already in the Mediterranean


Stolen from Ukraine grain is already in the Mediterranean

Grain stolen from Ukraine is already in the Mediterranean/Channel 24 Collage

part of the grain that the Russians stole in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine is already in ships in the Mediterranean. Probably, it is being taken to Syria.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine suggests that further stolen grain can transport to the countries of the Middle East due to smuggling.< /p>

Occupiers simply steal Ukrainian products

Ukrainian intelligence agents told about several especially large thefts that the Russians committed in the temporarily occupied territories. Such cases were recorded in Zaporozhye, Kherson, and Kharkiv regions.

  • In Rody, Zaporozhye region, infidels are already collecting grain and sunflower seeds from storage facilities for transportation to the occupied Crimea.
  • In the village of Volokhov, Kharkov regionit got to the point that the collaborators began to help the invaders steal the grain of the hangars. All products are transported to the Russian border.
  • From Malaya Lepetikha, Kherson region, 1,500 tons of grain were transported to the occupied Crimea on specially equipped trucks.

Except grain, Ukrainian intelligence agents have information that infidels are stealing other vegetables as well: beets, potatoes, cabbage, etc.

Diplomats are working to prevent anyone from taking stolen products


Ukrainian diplomats are carefully working to ensure that no state accepts such ships in its ports and does not take stolen products. There was information that Egypt wanted to buy stolen grain. But this was prevented.

According to Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, there is one state that cannot be influenced in any way. It was obvious.

The only country in which we cannot stop the mooring of such a vessel is Syria. It is Russia's closest ally. However, we are working with all other countries so that none of them is seduced by the stolen Ukrainian grain,” Kuleba said.

Russians shamelessly loot in Ukraine

  • The Russians steal everything in Ukraine that they can reach. There were stories about toilets as well as washing machines and electric kettles without a stand. Grain theft can cause serious problems. Ukraine exports it all over the world, so in some states there may be famine.
  • In Melitopol, infidels thought of stealing agricultural machinery worth about $5 million. However, they will not be able to start it, because everything was remotely blocked.
  • The Russians took out serviceable ventilators from Mariupol, which withstood the bombardment.

The cases of such thefts are not at all isolated.

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