Grandstand in Holland collapses during the victory celebration


Grandstand in Holland collapses during the victory celebration


Shocking moment in Holland! When Arnhem fans cheered the victory against Nijmegen, the guest gallery collapsed. The matter went off lightly.

The fans of Vitesse Arnheim will not forget this away win for a long time – but for an unpleasant reason. Because while the supporters celebrated their team for the 1-0 victory at NEC Nijmegen, hopped tightly to the beat, parts of the grandstand suddenly collapsed under the load. An aluminum container standing on the floor, which “caught” the tiers that had slipped down, apparently prevented a tragedy.

As if by a miracle, no one was seriously injured, according to initial information. Curious: even the players who saw the action in the first row without feet continued to celebrate tirelessly.

“I'm very happy that worse things were prevented. There were an incredible number of people in this grandstand,” said Nijmegen managing director Wilco van Scheik later. “I want to investigate what happened here as soon as possible,” demanded Mayor Hubert Bruls.

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