Great man, Piontkovsky called the main achievements of Johnson


Great man, – Piontkovsky named the main achievements of Johnson

Piontkovsky on the achievements of Boris Johnson/Channel 24 collage Boris Johnson resigned on July 7th. This was achieved by more than 50 government ministers and officials who were against his tenure and announced their resignations themselves. Ukrainian people

But Johnson was and remains a great charismatic figure in world politics. He played a decisive role in mobilizing Western society against the Kremlin's forehead, especially in the US. Under his leadership, Great Britain took the lead in consolidating the West in support of Ukraine. Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian publicist, told Channel 24 about this.

He noted that it was on the great initiative of Boris Johnson that the UK left the European Union. Now this has allowed her to quickly and clearly define her pro-Ukrainian policy.

In the most difficult time for Ukraine, the British Prime Minister announced 2 extremely important initiatives. First of all, we are talking about creating a military alliance of Great Britain, Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine – the so-called coalition of the willing or a coalition of consonants.

“Seeing these hesitation of the European Union and the endless wringing of hands, he wanted to create a coalition countries ready to fight and fight if necessary,” the publicist explained.

In addition, when Putin spoke about possible nuclear strikes on the territory of Ukraine, which is absolute savagery in terms of warfare and humanity, Johnson said that in this case, the UK would respond to Russia.

This is a majestic person who can be forgiven for any petty tricks, but for some reason the British political class does not understand this,” Piontkovsky believes.

The publicist noted that with all his respect for American politicians, even in the United States for a long time there was no such figure as Johnson. He believes that after the victory, when everyone is given their due, the outstanding Briton will become one of the main architects of the Ukrainian victory.

When announcing his resignation, it was not by chance that Johnson turned more to the Ukrainian people than to the British. Indeed, according to Piontkovsky, he understands that this is the last decisive struggle of all mankind, he lives this.

We do not say goodbye to Boris Johnson, he has not gone anywhere and remains a huge charismatic figure. summed up the Russian publicist.

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