Great trolling – American politician about Zelensky's doubts about whether Putin is alive


Great trolling, American politician about Zelensky's doubts about whether Putin is alive

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky beautifully built Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. To doubt whether he is alive at all is an original and interesting step.

About itChannel 24Yuri Rashkin, a public politician from the United States, a member of the Rock County District Assembly in Wisconsin, said. According to him, Zelensky has the right to troll Putin so beautifully after all the assassination attempts and other problems that he has experienced since February 24.

He stressed that this is an original and non-standard step. And he even hinted at how it would be possible to distinguish Putin's doubles, if they really exist.

Given all the rumors about Putin's doubles, they can be distinguished behind the ears. This is criminology. But someone makes these decisions after the war. And who will have to sign the surrender. Not sure if it will be Putin. Perhaps a double of Patrushev or a double of Medvedev, Rashkin suggests.

Putin is not ready for the consequences

As Rashkin emphasized, Russian dictator Putin is likely , understands nothing about the war in Ukraine and the current situation. He looks for an excuse and buries himself even deeper.

He can make himself a victim. Or even consider yourself a sacred victim. Maybe it will even please him. He made himself a sacred victim of idiocy. For all his crimes there will be consequences. And he is not ready for them. Putin avoided consequences for a very long time. And now he does not want to occupy them. But this follows him,” Rashkin noted.

The Russian dictator can still make various inadequate decisions about war, such as the use of nuclear weapons. But, according to Rashkin, this will only hasten the end of Putin himself.

Zelensky doubted that Putin is even alive

  • President Vladimir Zelensky during a speech at the “Ukrainian Breakfast” in Davos, he beautifully built Putin. He publicly questioned whether the Russian dictator was alive. It is not clear who makes the decision there at all.
  • The Kremlin was forced to respond to such a joke from Zelensky. The press secretary of the bunker president, Dmitry Peskov, began to say that “Putin is and will be.”
  • And the Russian publicist from Washington, Andrei Piontkovsky, generally believes Zelensky did not make assumptions, but shared important operational information about Putin's life.

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