“Green light” from the Italian Parliament: the simplified procedure for the transfer of weapons continued



Foreign partners continue to actively help Ukraine with weapons to fight the aggressor. In particular, the lower house of the Italian Parliament adopted a resolution to simplify the procedure for the supply of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It will be valid until December 31, 2023. Learn more about what this means – tells Channel 24.

Simplification of the procedure for supplying weapons to Ukraine was extended until the end of 2023

The lower house of the Italian parliament adopted a government decree on the supply of weapons to Ukraine this year. The point is that the transfer of the necessary military weapons will take place in a significantly simplified form until December 31, 2023.

Ukraine received a green light from the Chamber of Deputies, which extended until December 31, 2023 the government's permission to transfer military equipment, materials and equipment to Kyiv, Italian media reported.

The media reported that 215 deputies voted for such a decision. Most of the officials who were against were members of the pro-Russian opposition group “Movement 5 Stars”.

The decision is important, because, based on the current system of laws in Italy, the consent of legislators is required for the transfer of weapons to other countries. The decree allows the government to independently decide when and what kind of military assistance to Ukraine.

Italy is preparing the 6th package of military assistance to Ukraine: latest news

  • Italy is preparing the sixth package of military assistance to Ukraine, which includes air defense systems. The country will strengthen the air defense of Ukraine.
  • This was stated by Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani. According to him, the SAMP/T air defense system will soon be sent.
  • The minister stressed that his country strongly supports the Ukrainian state in restoring its territorial integrity. Italy has already provided Ukraine with 5 military assistance packages worth about 1 billion euros.

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