Guarantor for Kazakhstan is China, – Piontkovsky on another slap in the face to Putin


The guarantor for Kazakhstan – is China, – Piontkovsky about another slap in the face to Putin

The guarantor for Kazakhstan is China, – Piontkovsky about another slap in the face to Putin/Collage of Channel 24

Kazakhstan could be the first victim of Putin's imperial ambitions. Earlier than Ukraine.

The fact is that there are a lot of Russians and Russian speakers in Kazakhstan. This would be very easy to play. Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky told Channel 24 about this.

Everyone worked differently with Putin's empire

Each treated the Russian imperials in his own way. You (Ukrainians – Channel 24) did not want to work with them, and you were punished for this – with a war, – the speaker noted.

Lukashenka offered unifying alliances and defended against aggression. Nazarbayev came to Moscow every year and proposed new plans for “Great Eurasia”. “He moved the capital to the north, he wanted to 'smooth' the rigid ethnic and geographical structure of Kazakhstan. He did everything to look like a 'unifier'. And the threat was always brewing,” he said.

Today, Kazakhstan decided that in these games will no longer be played.

Now the West acts as a guarantor for the European republics, and China for Kazakhstan, Piontkovsky noted.

Piontkovsky mentioned the speech of the head of the Kremlin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. “Tokayev listened to Putin's statements about how he” will return everything, with a “stone face”, suppressing “cold fury”. He understands that his imperial ambitions directly concern Kazakhstan as well,” the publicist said.

Therefore, the Kazakh leader defeated Putin on all counts. He clearly said that he would support American sanctions, because he sees no reason to substitute. “Through each paragraph, he repeated: “We are with the People's Republic of China, we are with comrade Xi Jinping … Putin is rapidly losing the entire post-Soviet space“, he said.

Erdogan was the first< /h3>

The Turkish leader simply threw Putin out of the Eastern Caucasus: “There is no Azerbaijani army. Aliyev and Erdogan announced the creation of a united army, and it is a member of NATO. In fact, Azerbaijan is a member of NATO. For some reason, Russia turns a blind eye to this.” They destroyed half of the country for you because you thought about joining NATO.

How Putin will react to being “lowered”

Piontkovsky stressed that lately Putin has been getting too many slaps in the face. In particular, we are talking about Lithuania's decision to block the transit of sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad. “I admire, they could not have done this, but they chose to do it. By the way, this is a great sign of solidarity with Ukraine,” Piontkovsky is convinced. According to him, in this way NATO demonstrates that in the event of aggression from Russia, it will fight “for every inch”.

In addition, Tokayev refused to recognize the self-proclaimed “DNR” and “LNR”. This is a kind of “spit” in Putin's face.

Piontkovsky explains that recently Putin got along well with the “intelligentsia” – Macron, Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama and others. “He knew that he was a petty criminal, andXi Jinping and Erdogan were big thugs in law, he can't treat them like that,” Andrei said.

He recalled how Putin was afraid to go to war against Erdogan in the context of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Putin tried to play on this. “He wanted to establish a truce, he loves it. But Aliyev and Erdogan calculated everything differently. We had to go to war with Erdogan,” Piontkovsky said. Moreover, Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine clearly demonstrated what the so-called “second army of the world” is.

In conclusion, the publicist believes that Putin will not use any military actions.

Tokayev just smashed Putin – Piontkovsky: watch the video

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