Gudkov said whether there is now a threat of the use of nuclear weapons by Putin


Gudkov said whether there is now a threat of Putin using nuclear weapons

< p _ngcontent-sc141="" class="news-annotation">AFU are defeating Russian troops one by one, de-occupying Ukrainian territories. Against this background, Russian propagandists began to remind about nuclear weapons, but the threat of their use is minimal.

This is the opinion of Channel 24voiced by Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov. Earlier, Russian propagandists on their television directly threatened to strike at the Rivne and Khmelnytsky nuclear power plants.

There is no threat to use nuclear weapons

Gudkov said that now there is no threat of using nuclear weapons or it is minimal. However, this does not mean that such a threat will not appear in the future.

When the entire front goes to pieces, when nothing is resorted to, when there is a mass flight of troops, when the military flees, throwing down their weapons and not paying attention to all the tribunals, then the risk will increase,” the Russian opposition politician noted.

He added that it has already begun, and the world has no other choice but to put the squeeze on Putin. He is not ready to die now.

“He is not ready for a nuclear war, neither morally, nor psychologically, nor organizationally, nor technically. Just as he was not ready in 2014 for a large-scale aggression against Ukraine,” Gudkov said.

Putin will immediately receive a retaliatory strike

According to him, Putin receives harsh threats and signals that if he uses nuclear weapons, he will immediately receive a retaliatory strike. This factor makes him very rational, despite how crazy he is.

He has enough adequacy to assess personal threat. And he is such that he is ready to destroy everything and everyone around, just to stay alive himself. Therefore, he reacts very painfully to threats to his life, therefore Western countries must do everything so that Putin and his thoughts do not have the use of nuclear weapons, the Russian opposition politician emphasized.

How to keep the army from escaping

Gudkov suggested that the flight of the Russian army in different parts of the front was due to the fact that they were shocked, because they were not used to such conditions. Usually they either attack or cover everything with fire, ensuring the safety of their positions.

“However, I think that soon the front will be stabilized anyway. Even an offensive always has limited resources: human, moral, technical, physical . People cannot be constantly at their maximum, and a respite will come,” he stressed.

According to the Russian opposition politician, when the front is stabilized, Putin will again begin to bargain with the world until the next offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, Putin's position is now weaker than even 1.5 weeks ago. Putin can no longer demand some territories instead of others.

He can no longer put pressure on someone and put forward ultimatums. However, he will still try to play the last cards in order to achieve a more or less successful exit from the war. I think he still hopes for this, Gudkov summed up.

Gudkov said whether there is a threat of Putin using nuclear weapons: watch the video

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