Gunzburg: Mortality from COVID-19 may increase from 2% to 5-10%

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Gunzburg: Mortality from COVID-19 may increase from 2% to 5-10%

Gunzburg: Mortality from COVID-19 may increase from 2% to 5-10%

Due to constant mutations of the virus, the lethality from COVID-19 can grow from 2% to 5-10%, the head of the Center for them. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg, TASS reports.

“In a certain percentage of cases, which, most likely, will constantly increase, this percentage of severe deaths can no longer be calculated 1 – 2%, but about 5 – 10%. Therefore, vaccination is absolutely necessary as a preventive measure against this disease, ”the scientist pointed out.

In addition, according to him, mutations of the virus will force people to be vaccinated every six months, even those who have recently been ill.

According to the expert, in order to stop the pandemic, you need to be vaccinated, and being ill with a mild form of covid does not mean protecting yourself.

Earlier Gunzburg stated that the Center. N.F. Gamalei, upon registration of vector technology, will be able to change vaccines against COVID-19. Such an opportunity will be required in case of a radical change in one of the components of the virus. This can take a week.

Recall, according to the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus infection, 20 616 cases of COVID-19 infection were detected in Russia per day. For all the time, 5 493 557 cases of the disease were registered in the country. In addition, 652 people died per day. 14,697 patients were discharged from medical institutions.

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