Gunzburg: revaccination is needed to protect against the Indian strain six months after vaccination

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After being vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, memory cells are formed in a person, but they cannot fully protect a person from infection with the Indian strain, the head of the Gamaleya Center Alexander Gintsburg told Interfax. For protection, a high level of antibodies is required, which can be achieved by revaccination with Sputnik Light in six months, he noted.

“So far, I believe, and which will be largely reflected in the new revaccination recommendations, that it is necessary to constantly monitor the Indian strain, maintaining a high level of antibodies through more frequent revaccinations. This is due to the fact that memory cells are late simply due to the fact that they begin to produce the required level of antibodies somewhere on the third or fourth day, ”said Mr Gunzburg.

The Indian strain is more dangerous due to the faster course of the disease, said Alexander Gintsburg. “Because from the moment when a person feels a mild flu-like symptom, to the deterioration of the condition, not 10-12 days pass, during which the attending physician can orient himself and begin treatment, but three to four days pass. Therefore, naturally, his danger is greater, ”he said.

“This virus, in addition to being antigenically altered, interacts differently with our cells … Namely, it does not lyse a cell like a Wuhan or British one, but first of all forms syncytium, that is, multinucleated cells, and at the same time is under protection of the cell membrane. That is, the virus multiplies without leaving the cells, but flowing into the neighboring cell … Therefore, it must be caught only at the entrance, that is, initially it is necessary to have constantly high antibodies, which is achieved by vaccination with Sputnik V, and then six months later by revaccination with Sputnik Light “, – added the scientist.

The decision on compulsory vaccination was made in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the Leningrad, Tula, Sakhalin and Tver regions, Yakutia, Kuzbass, and the Kuban. The number of people wishing to get vaccinated, judging by the reports of the authorities, has almost doubled in recent days in many regions of the country.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Vaccination as a job.”

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