Hacked phones and copied data: SBU exposed a group of hackers

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SBU exposed the international hacker group Phoenix. The attackers hacked into other people's phones and illegally collected personal data from them.

The investigation established that the hacker group included five Ukrainians . These are residents of Kiev and Kharkov with a technical education.

The attackers used copies of the websites of well-known manufacturers mobile devices. After users downloaded applications or programs on such portals, hackers received a password for their accounts.

Thus, they were able to gain access to users' money, copy personal information from devices and sell it to third parties .

For unauthorized access to someone else's device, members of the group received about $ 200 .

In addition, the hackers were engaged in unlock stolen and lost devices Apple. After that, the equipment was sold in stores in Kiev and Kharkov.

Law enforcers have established that the criminal activities of hackers lasted for about two years. During this period, several hundred people became their victims.

The SBU conducted searches in offices, underground technical centers where equipment was sold, as well as at the place of residence of the defendants in the case. The security forces confiscated their computer equipment, software and hardware, as well as stolen phones.

The issue of informing the attackers about the suspicion of Art. 361 (illegal interference in the operation of computers, systems and computer networks) of the Criminal Code.

The involvement of other persons in the crime is established.

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