Hackers hacked the website of the Belgorod alcoholism clinic and placed Putin there


Hackers hacked the website of the Belgorod alcoholism treatment clinic and placed Putin there

Putin became a patient of the alcoholism treatment clinic/Channel 24 Collage

Hackers continue their struggle on the Internet front. They decided to work on an alcohol treatment clinic in Russia, hosting President Vladimir Putin.

Note that the company is suitable for him. Together with him, several more odious Russians were added to the list of patients, whose statements outrage not only Ukrainians, but the entire civilized world, Channel 24 reports.

Putin and KO have become patients of the clinic

According to the hackers, Dmitry Medvedev and Sergey Lavrov should be in the alcoholism treatment clinic together with Vladimir Putin. But these are just flowers. They also received decent diagnoses.

Here, for example, Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers from megalomania.And there is something in this, because he has repeatedly compared himself with Peter I. Moreover, he named his main task. And it is not about the economic growth and prosperity of Russia. He seeks to return all the territories that once belonged to the Russian Empire.

Deputy head of the National Security and Defense Council Dmitry Medvedev has a slightly more modest diagnosis. paraphrenic syndrome is attributed to him.He is characterized by a mixture of fantastic crazy ideas, seasoned with hallucinations.

But with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, everything is too simple. He is, according to hackers, unambiguously must fight schizophrenia. But indeed, he has both a deterioration in perception of reality and social dysfunction.

Hackers hacked into the website of the Belgorod clinic for the treatment of alcoholism and placed Putin there

Putin, Medvedev and Lavrov became patients of the alcoholism treatment clinic/Screenshot

Note that by the time this news was written, the “patients” of the clinic had disappeared from the site. Note that if they really were sent for treatment, this could be compared with almost ideal conditions. Ukrainians want justice and trial for each of them. After all, it is thanks to these people that our fellow countrymen die every day, as well as cities and villages experience destruction.

By the way, Vladimir Putin himself proved his condition once again. The day before, he visited the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. During his press conference, the Russian president continued to talk nonsense about the “heroism” of his fighters, as well as the political situation around the world.

For some reason, the dictator decided to quote Alexander Pushkin. In addition, he talked about the dangers of alcohol and praised the sport. Not without mention, of course, of the bad West, which decided to unite against unfortunate Russia. Here is indeed confirmation of the possible diagnosis of Vladimir Putin.

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