Half a billion case: German police raided a Russian oligarch


Half a billion case: German police raided a Russian oligarch

< p _ngcontent-sc89="" class="news-annotation">Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov is suspected of money laundering and tax evasion. The police searched his Bavarian villa.

For several months, investigators have been collecting information about the oligarch. On September 21, searches began at several of Usmanov's properties on Lake Tegernsee, near Munich. This was reported by the German edition of Der Spiegel.

Searchs at a Russian oligarch

250 ​​police and tax investigation officers are on the scene to check all the details.

According to Der Spiegel, during 2014-2022, Alisher Usmanov did not pay 555 million euros in taxes on income and gifts.

The Russian has lived in Tegernsee since 2014. Therefore, the authorities consider him a taxpayer in Germany, the media admitted.

What else is Alisher Usmanov suspected of?

Usmanov also appeared during the exposure of the Panama Papers.

As it turned out, the oligarch could hide significant assets and capital gains with the help of offshore and non-transparent holdings of companies.

Previously, he was a co-owner of a company in the British Virgin Islands. However, in 2014, he allegedly transferred his share worth more than a billion euros to other businessmen.

But whether he paid the tax is still unknown, the German edition notes.

What are the “Panama Papers”

This is how the leak of confidential information of Mossack Fonseca, a law firm specializing in working with offshore companies, was called. In 2015, an anonymous person handed over 11 million documents from this firm to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Important information was found about 12 world leaders.

Who is Alisher Usmanov

  • Usmanov is a friend of Putin and one of the richest Russian oligarchs.
  • Because of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, he came under US, UK and EU sanctions. The oligarch tried to challenge this decision.
  • In early March, Germany confiscated a 156-meter yacht worth almost $600 million from the billionaire.

Let us remind you that earlier Ukraine's international partners proposed to create a Repentance Fund. To allow Russian oligarchs to pay off and legally get out of sanctions.

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