Hamilton in an orange outfit, Max fans boo anyway


Hamilton in an orange outfit, Max fans boo anyway

Lewis Hamilton as “Oranje”, rival Max Verstappen expects boos.

Lewis Hamilton comes to the Dutch Grand Prix in orange. Rival Verstappen is certain: fans will still greet him with boos.

Max Verstappen versus Lewis Hamilton! The Formula 1 World Championship is a duel for the throne of the premier class. After the first twelve races of the season, the seven-time champion is only three points ahead of his opponent from the Netherlands.

This weekend the PS stars will be guest in Zandvoort – in the living room of local hero Verstappen.

Excitement: There is a crackling between the two opponents. The battle for the World Cup has not only been verbally heated this season. On the track, too, the two fought tough duels with a crash. Inglorious highlight: Silverstone. In the Britons home race, he shot the Red Bull driver out of the race on the first lap.

Verstappen ended up in the tire wall and then in the hospital, where luckily the all-clear was given. The fact that Hamilton won, celebrated exuberantly and did not mention his opponent with a word, made him white-hot. “Disrespectful!” Scolded the 23-year-old from the hospital.

Now Hamilton is apparently trying to smooth things over as a precaution. On Thursday, the Mercedes star comes to the track in an orange outfit, in the Dutch national color.

The Dutch stand behind their hero Verstappen. For example, they transformed the Austrian Grand Prix into an orange sea of people. It will look similar at the race on Sunday. It is questionable whether they will be soft-boiled by Hamilton's fashion statement.

Verstappen is certain: no! He says, “Most are here to have a great weekend and see the cars. A few will boo.” Explosive: “It's not up to me to tell people not to boo.”

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