“Having lost the war in Ukraine, Russia will try to win back”: Kazakhstan is preparing for a possible threat


"After losing the war in Ukraine, Russia will try to win back": Kazakhstan prepares for a possible threat

The geopolitical situation in the world is changing. Russia is dropping out of the list of large countries with serious ambitions that can influence the decision-making of world leaders.

No one takes Russia into account anymore. About this Channel 24Nurzhan Altayev, leader of the Opora Naroda (Kazakhstan) political party, said.

The risk that Russia could launch military aggression against Kazakhstan is small, but present. After the defeat in Ukraine, Russia will try to somehow take revenge and win back on someone, the politician emphasized.

It should be taken into account that Kazakhstan has the longest border with Russia. Moreover, in the northern regions of the country there is a large Russian population waiting for Putin and Russian troops. “The situation is similar, as it was before in Ukraine,” Nurzhan Altaev stressed.

Kazakhstan is changing its military doctrine

After the regional summit in Astana, Kazakhstan made changes to its military doctrine. It is known that they are aimed at increasing the combat potential of the land, air force and sea component. We are talking about the military organization of the country by creating the necessary set of troops. In particular, it is planned to create cybertroops – an organization to counteract information-psychological and software-technical influence in the troops.

“Very serious work is being done to integrate the SRW system into the general defense system of the state. New forms of application, methods of action of the troops are being introduced and so on. Today, large funds are being allocated, and the military doctrine of Kazakhstan is changing,” said the leader of the Opora Naroda political party.

According to Altaev, the main reasons for these changes are that:

  • The Russians may indeed try to use military aggression against Kazakhstan. Although today it is already obvious that Russia has almost no strength or money left.
  • The authorities of Kazakhstan are very afraid of protests within the country due to early elections, because Tokayev's popularity among the local population is rapidly falling.

Russia may attack Kazakhstan/What's up with Tokayev's rating: watch the video

Relations between Russia and Kazakhstan: Brief

  • In June, President of Kazakhstan Kasim-Jomart Tokayev, in the presence of Putin, refused to recognize the quasi-republics on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Such a statement was made at the international economic forum in St. Petersburg.
  • According to Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin, these were a big blow to Moscow. Thus, the Russians lost the last option of interaction with the official Astana in the person of Tokayev.
  • Another slap in the face for the Kremlin dictator was that China promised to become the guarantor of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Kazakhstan. This was stated by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
  • According to Pavel Klimkin, Kazakhstan for a number of reasons wants Ukraine to win the war against Russia. Kazakhs are well aware of Moscow's possible threats.
  • Yes, Russians running away from “grave” are not welcome in Kazakhstan. Recently, a resident of Kazakhstan, before renting out housing to the Russians, demanded an answer to a laconic question: “Whose Crimea?”

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