“He began to breathe heavily and lost consciousness”: in Poland, after being detained by the police, a Ukrainian died

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Law enforcement officials claim that they did not use physical force.

In the Polish town of Skierniewice, immediately after being arrested by the police, a 38-year-old citizen of Ukraine died . They tried to resuscitate the Ukrainian, but the doctors pronounced death.

This was reported by Wirtualna Polska with reference to the police of the Lodz Voivodeship.

It is noted that on Friday evening, December 3, a Ukrainian attacked a woman on bus stop. He hit her with a stick and threatened other people, after which passers-by called the police and tied the man.

The law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene put handcuffs on the man and were going to take him to the police station. However, less than a minute after the arrest, the man began to breathe heavily and lost consciousness. They tried to resuscitate the Ukrainian, but an hour later the doctors pronounced death.

The police department in Lodz was informed that an autopsy would be carried out, which would show whether the man was under the influence of any prohibited substances, noting that they had not applied to physical force to the detainee.

Earlier in Poland, after being beaten by law enforcement officers, a 25-year-old Ukrainian died Dmitry Nikiforenko from Nemirov, Vinnytsia region. The guy ended up in a sobering-up station, where he was tortured by the Polish police.

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