He brought an important message: why the director of the CIA secretly visited Kyiv


I brought an important message: why the director of the CIA secretly visited Kyiv

The director of the CIA secretly visited Kyiv. He brought important messages, which he shared with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

This opinion on Channel 24 was voiced by political scientist Mykola Davidyuk. The US Department of Justice also announced that Ukraine would soon be able to receive confiscated Russian assets.

The CIA director came to reassure us

Davidiuk said that his visit the director of the CIA wanted to cool us down a bit and reassure us. Like, there will be more Republicans in the US Congress and it is not a fact that the US will be able to allocate such funds. So he came to decide what to do with it, maybe we'll find money somewhere else.

For example, several billion Yanukovych lie in Switzerland. It's our money and no one knows why we don't take it. The CIA director says let's see where else we can find it. We can shock the Russian oligarchs and take extra money,” the political scientist said.

He added that the director of the CIA had said that now we would have to work twice as hard for the same result. In general, we are not against the Republicans, we are against the statements made by them. True, by summer the situation may change, and these words of the CIA director will be irrelevant, and at the end of 2023 the United States will give 100 billion in general.

The CIA director brought intelligence

According to the political scientist, the director of the CIA also brought intelligence. In particular, where will Russia attack from, where, in what quantity. American intelligence is the best in the world and it shares data with us. We need to make sure to use them.

“If we don’t use this, then we’re worthless. Therefore, the CIA director came personally to Zelensky to convey this,” Davydyuk said.

Davidyuk on why the CIA director secretly visited Kyiv: watch the video

The CIA director came for political symbolism

As he noted, there is political symbolism in the visit of the CIA director to Kyiv. A week after this secret visit, the information appeared in the press. This is in order to demonstrate to the Russians the next position of the United States, as a response to their tension at the nuclear button.

If they just wanted to tell us that there would be no money, and the Russians would attack, for example, from Zaporizhia or Belarus, then why would it be released to the press a week later. So the Americans are playing a deeper game. Therefore, these are the main things that Zelensky and the head of American intelligence spoke about, the political scientist emphasized. On January 20, the United States officially announced a new $2.5 billion military aid package for Ukraine. The Avenger air defense system entered there, the Ukrainian military will receive this air defense system for the first time.

  • The Americans also provided Stryker armored personnel carriers. They are very much needed in case Russia launches a large-scale offensive in the spring of 2023.
  • Washington and Berlin could not agree on Leopard 2 tanks. The discussion took place on January 19 between defense ministers Lloyd Austin and Boris Pistorius.
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