He died 3 months after the wedding: in the Khmelnytsky region they said goodbye to the warrior Sergey Goncharuk


He died 3 months after the wedding: in the Khmelnytsky region they said goodbye to the warrior Sergey Goncharuk

Near Bakhmut killed 41-year-old military Sergei Goncharuk. He came under mortar fire near the village of Klishchievka while on a combat mission.

They said goodbye to the deceased hero in his native village in the Khmelnytsky region. He was survived by his mother, stepfather and wife, with whom they got married just three months before his death.

Let us add that Sergey became the second resident of the village of Staraya Sinyava, Khmelnytsky region, who gave his life for Ukraine.

I wanted to go to the front back in 2014

Sergei did not say that he was going to the front as a volunteer. She found out about it when he was going to Lvov.

A girl called him, with whom he had been dating for 4 years, and said that Sergey had left as a volunteer. He believed that since he was a man, he should protect his homeland. He did not ask anyone for permission, – said the mother of the deceased hero Nina.

Sergei wanted to go to the front back in 2014. However, then he underwent surgery on the spine, received a disability group. This time in 2022, he did not tell anyone about his back problems.

Sergey did not tell his relatives anything

At first, Sergei was at the training ground and called his family from there every day. However, when he was sent to the front, he told his mother that he could call less often, that he might not be in touch for three days. During this period, he was on a combat mission.

“The last time we talked to him was on January 17, two days before his death. Nothing special, everything was always fine with him. He didn’t tell me anything special, I didn’t even know that he was near Bakhmut,” the soldier’s mother added.

In October last year, Sergei came on vacation and spoke about his decision to marry his girlfriend Vitalina. They arranged a wedding, although Sergei never saw the photo.

He didn’t tell Vitalina or me anything either, he took care of everyone. After his death, I questioned his colleagues. I found out that at first they fought in the Nikolaev region, they fired the village of Snigirevka. Then they were overturned near Kherson, where the enemy was literally across the river from them. And already at the end of November, their brigade was near Bakhmut. – said the mother-in-law of Sergei Lyudmila Leonidovna.

Sergey was a big fan of sports and often visited the gym. He never smoked or drank, kept a healthy diet and often walked. Native people said that he was very sociable and had many friends. Sergei was always ready to help others, especially his brothers. If any of them had problems, Sergey could talk to the commander and solve everything.

Recent losses among Ukrainian defenders

  • 20-year-old National Guardsman Bogdan Vakov did not wait for spring. A defender from the village of Rakov, Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the Luhansk region on February 28.
  • And in the Vinnitsa region, a defender was buried, who was considered missing for a year. We are talking about Vitaly Shtonda, who died in the Kherson region on March 29, 2022.

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