He hammered his brother with a hammer: a Kharkiv citizen, suspected of murder, was detained

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Hammered his brother : a Kharkiv citizen suspected of murder was detained

A 26-year-old local resident was detained in Kharkiv, who is suspected of murdering his own brother (part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal Code). He faces up to 15 years in prison.

This was reported by the press service of the local prosecutor's office.

– In November 2021, a man, being in an apartment with his brother and his girlfriend, began to quarrel with him. During the conflict, the man hit his brother on the head with a hammer, from which he fell to the floor, and the man left the apartment, the message says.

As specified, the victim's girl called an ambulance. He was taken to hospital, where he died less than a day later.

The accused was informed of a suspicion of a criminal offense, after which the judge ordered him to choose a preventive measure in the form of detention without the right to post bail.

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