He needs to be treated with an “electrician”, this is a psycho, – Feigin on the statement of Gauleiter Stremousov


He needs to be treated with an

Feygin on the statement of Gauleiter Stremousov/Collage of Channel 24

A traitor to Ukraine, Kirill Stremousov, who called himself the “head” of the “administration” established by the Russian occupiers, was disgraced by vulgar jokes. He was finally able to accurately characterize himself and all the benefits of Russian infidels.


Thus, during his speech to the residents of the occupied Hola Pristan, Kherson region, he recognized himself as a “crotch”, but for some reason at the same time insulted local residents. Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin quite seriously believes that Stremousov needs to be treated. He expressed his opinion on the channel 24 stream.

I listened to this stremousov. He's a cretin. I myself won’t go into my pocket for a word, but he needs to be treated with an electrician, he’s a psycho, the human rights activist is convinced.

Putin’s scenarios on annexation

Feygin added that the Russians are not in vain put such narrow-minded people to the occupying “power”. So it is more convenient for the invaders and collaborators to prepare a pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region or other regions. Although the White House warned the Kremlin against such actions and threatened to tighten sanctions.

He believes that the Kremlin has major plans to annex our territories:

  • local – a pilot referendum in Zaporozhye and its announcement on the territory of Russia, while Kherson will not be touched yet;
  • radical – to create a certain prototype of the USSR within the “union state”.

What exactly did the Gauleiter say about the “crotch” and not only

  • The speech of the collaborator really seemed extremely shameful, because at first Stremousov distinguished himself by a bad joke about the city of Naked Pristan in the Kherson region.< /li>

“We always had a joke – Naked Pier or Naked Pier. It's not a joke, because after jokes there can be children, you know.”

  • And then the leadership of the Russian occupiers thought of calling the inhabitants of the Kherson region “crotch”.

, maybe not for the cameras, but as one classic said in his song, in chanson: oops, oops with something. oops has grown together. This, he says, cannot be. There should be an interval ” , said the collaborator.

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