He ran away from the border guards and drowned: in Transcarpathia in Tisza they are looking for a resident of Mykolaiv region


He ran away from the border guards and drowned: in Transcarpathia in Tisza they are looking for a resident of Mykolaiv region

After the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia, men liable for military service tried in various ways to illegally cross the state border. Often such attempts ended in the death of the latter.

The same situation happened in Transcarpathia. When trying to illegally cross the border into Hungary, a man from Nikolaev drowned.

Circumstances of the incident

On March 14, border guards of the “Forks” department of the Mukachevo detachment, while patrolling the coastal shallows of the Tisza River, saw two men running towards the state border with a rubber boat.

The servicemen immediately began to pursue the perpetrators. One of the offenders jumped into the river , the other tried to hide in the bushes.

Running up to the river, the border guards heard the cry of a calling man: a man in the water was rapidly carried by the current. The servicemen tried to catch up with him along the shore, but the dense bushes along the Tisza prevented the implementation of rescue measures.

A few minutes later, the drowned man disappeared from the field of view of the outfit. Border guards called rescuers from the State Emergency Service and police officers to the scene. Unfortunately, their initial search activities did not yield results.

How much did such a “service” cost to violators

The offender hiding in the bushes was detained. He told the border guards that the men intended to cross the Tisza by boat. Plav was supplied with the means by an unknown man, whom they found through acquaintances. He himself was detained from Transcarpathia, and his companion arrived from Nikolaev.

The detained offender / Photo Western regional department of the State Tax Service

The detainee communicated with the organizer of the illegal border crossing only by phone and followed all the “instructions” that were provided to him. On the day they were supposed to cross the border , they were ordered to hide near the border and wait for further instructions. After that, a man in a mask brought them a rubber boat and led them to the river, then indicated the direction of movement with his hand and disappeared.

For such a “service” the detainee had to pay 3.5 thousand dollars. Currently, the detachment's operatives are investigating the circle of all persons involved in the transfer of men liable for military service across the border.

The search for the drowned man will continue with the involvement of divers.

Note! Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, this is already the 14th case of the death of a border violator in the waters of the Tisza. Three more men died at the site of the Mukachevo border detachment in the mountains while trying to illegally enter Romania.

The border guards add that over the past 24 hours, as part of the March-2023 operational and preventive measures, they detained 11 border violators.

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