He recaptured almost 300 kg of bronze: in Kakhovka, a man handed over a Legendary Wheelbarrow for scrap

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Отбил почти 300 кг бронзы: в Каховке мужчина сдавал на металлолом Легендарную Тачанку

In the Kherson region, a 30-year-old man who decided to scrap the Legendary Tachanka monument will be tried. The monument belongs to the objects of cultural heritage of national significance.

The incident occurred in November last year. According to the investigation, a previously convicted resident of Kakhovka intentionally damaged the monument. The man beat off the bronze parts with a total weight of 290 kg and handed them over for scrap.

Отбил почти 300 кг бронзы: в Каховке мужчина сдавал на металлолом Легендарную Тачанку

The prosecutor’s office did not say how much money he was paid for the wreckage of the monument.

Criminal proceedings have been opened under Part 3 of Article 298 (Intentional damage to an object of cultural heritage of national significance) and Part 2 of Article 185 (Theft committed repeatedly) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

For the crime committed, the attacker faces a penalty of imprisonment for up to five years.

The indictment against the 30-year-old man has been handed over to the court. He will be under house arrest until sentencing.

The Legendary Car

Damaged monumentThe legendary Tachanka is considered one of the largest bronze monuments built on the territory of the former USSR. The monument was officially opened in 1967: it was brought in disassembled form from Leningrad on powerful trucks.

The Legendary Tachanka monument is dedicated to the fighting during the Civil War, when the Red Army and the troops of General Wrangel met at the Kakhovsky bridgehead in the summer and autumn of 1920.

Taking into account the law on decommunization, at the beginning of 2020, the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory officially appealed to the mayor of Kakhovka with a call to dismantle the monument. In

in response to this, the mayor Andrei Dyachenko said that “he will fight for the monument.”

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