He rushed directly at the gun: the priest managed to stop the attack on the parishioners (video)

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I rushed straight at the gun: the priest managed to stop the attack on the parishioners (video)

Fortunately, the shot never rang out.

The pastor from the United States became a real hero after he was able to stop the shooting right at the altar of the church.

ABC News reported about it.

Desiree Baganda, 26, attended a service at a Pentecostal church in Nashville, USA last Sunday. Suddenly, he took out a pistol and pointed it towards the altar, where the pastor was praying with the parishioners.

The video from the security cameras shows how the suspect began brandishing the pistol and pointing it at the parishioners. Police say Baganda ordered everyone to get up.

The pastor at the church pounced on the suspect to knock him down and stop him. Several of those present also rushed to help the pastor to let the people escape.

Fortunately, the shot never rang out. There are no casualties, according to Nashville police.

“The heroic act of the local pastor and several of his parishioners saved the church from violence,” the police said.

Baganda was not a member of the church, but, according to the pastor, he had been there before.

Police said Desiree Baganda has already been charged with 15 aggravated felonies. The officers also added that new charges are pending.

Recall that in the US state of Georgia, during the arrest, the suspect shot a police officer and fled the scene. Investigators from Georgia offered a reward of $ 30 thousand for any information about the suspect.

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