Heart problems: NBA star Aldridge announced his resignation


After the occurrence of an irregular heartbeat during a match, the 35-year-old decided to take this step.

Heart problems: NBA star Aldridge announced his resignation

NBA star LaMarcus Aldridge is ending his basketball career due to health problems. The 35-year-old justified his decision with the fact that he played for the Brooklyn Nets against the Los Angeles Lakers with an irregular heartbeat last Saturday. He felt bad after the game. It was only his fifth match for the title contender after he was transferred from the Jakob-Pöltl-Klub San Antonio Spurs.

“Although I'm better now, I've decided to retire from the NBA,” Aldridge wrote on a social media post. “For 15 years I put basketball first, now my health and my family come first.”

Aldridge has played in the NBA since 2006 and came to an average of 19.4 points and 8.2 rebounds in 1,029 missions. He first played for the Portland Trail Blazers before moving to the Spurs in 2015. “I'm grateful for everything, including the highs and lows.”

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