Heavy fighting continues around Bakhmut for past 48 hours – British intelligence on difficult situation


Heavy fighting has been going on around Bakhmut for the last 48 hours, – British intelligence about the difficult situation

The invaders keep trying to capture the fortress city of Bakhmut. However, Ukrainian soldiers continue to heroically repulse the enemy. For the last two days, very heavy fighting has been going on around Bakhmut.

This was reported by the British Ministry of Defense with reference to intelligence data. They also note that the invaders are probably preparing for an offensive in the Ugledar region, however, they are unlikely to be able to make a breakthrough.

British intelligence about heavy fighting around Bakhmut

Heavy fighting has continued over the past 48 hours in the Bakhmut area, where Ukrainian forces keep supply routes open to the west despite Russia's creeping encirclement over the past six weeks, British intelligence said.

In addition, Ugledar was once again subjected to powerful hostile fire. There is a possibility that Russia is preparing for another offensive effort in the area, despite heavy and unsuccessful attacks in early February and late 2022, according to UK intelligence.

The Ministry of Defense also suggests that the Russian Eastern Group of Forces is still probably responsible for the Vugledar operation. Commanding Colonel General Rustam Muradov is likely under intense pressure to improve after being heavily criticized by the Russian nationalist community for previous failures.

However Muradov has a strike force capable of making a breakthrough, summed up the British Ministry of Defense. there are heavy battles in the direction, but the advance of the occupiers is not recorded there. Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, deputy commander of the third separate assault brigade Rodion Kudryashov spoke about this. The enemy is trying to cordon off the city, deprive it of logistical communications, and capture the city's outskirts, but the Russians fail to do so. Kudryashov, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut hold the defense firmly.

  • The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Kirill Budanov, insists that Ukraine cannot retreat from Bakhmut, because the maintenance of the city allows holding back Russian occupiers in that area.
  • Ukrainian border guards repulsed the attack of the invaders on the stronghold near Bakhmut. One Wagnerite was taken prisoner. Another 10 occupiers were destroyed.
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