Helicopter strike near Potemkino and fire hurricane in Zelenodolsk: how was the day in the South


Helicopter strike near Potemkino and a firestorm in Zelenodolsk: how was the day in the South

Ukrainian defenders push back the invaders in the South/General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russians continue to hit settlements in the South. However, the Ukrainian defenders inflict crushing losses in manpower and equipment on the invaders with the help of aviation and artillery.

The operational command “South” said that the situation in the operational zone is dynamic and tense, but completely controlled. Along the line of fire, the invaders continue to shell the civilian population in the sacked villages and the positions of the Ukrainian defenders. In general, the fighting takes place in the form of artillery duels and air raids.

The Russians are still mercilessly cooking in the cities in the South

The invaders continue futile attempts to restore the lost territories near the village of Potemkino. So, on June 26, the enemy desperately inflicted an air strike by a Mi-28 helicopter on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Fortunately, the attack passed without losses.

In addition, in the Kherson region, the invaders stepped up aerial reconnaissance, trying to reconnoiter the positions of Ukrainian units. Our defenders precise shots landed 3 enemy “Orlan-10”.

However, the Russians managed to arrange a real firestormfrom the volley fire systems of the same name in Zelenodolsk. The invaders fired more than 20 shells. As a result of an enemy attack, a fire broke out on the territory of one of the dacha cooperatives. In addition, the following were damaged:

  • several high-rise buildings,
  • buildings of a children's sports school,
  • post office,
  • house of culture.< /li>

Minerals and debris were found in the park area of ​​the city. Two civilians were injured.

Citizens are prohibited from visiting parks and coasts due to the presence of explosive cartridges from rockets there, – noted in OK “South”.

< p>In addition, the Russians fired at Velyka Kostroma 3 times. Enemy ammunition damaged the power line, but, fortunately, there were no casualties among the local population.

Ukrainian defenders successfully destroy the invaders

Ukrainian fighters and helicopters in pairs worked out 3 air strikes on concentrations of manpower and military equipment of the invaders in three districts of the Kherson region. Enemy losses per day are:

  • 39 invaders;
  • 1 T-72 tank;
  • 4 units of other armored vehicles;
  • < li>3 vehicles.

Also, the invading army lost 2 ammunition depots in the Mykolaiv region and 1 in the Kherson region.

Interesting! As of the morning of June 26 Ukrainian defenders managed to liquidate almost 35,000 Russian occupiers and many of their equipment.

The threat of missile strikes remains relevant

In turn, the storm in the Black Sea and the blocking of navigation by the Russian fleet continue. 2 enemy ships are ready to launch missiles, on which there are 16 “Caliber”. Therefore, the threat of missile strikes remains relevant.

“So, do not neglect the danger messages, be vigilant and attentive to the actions of suspicious persons, the discovery of unknown objects or false information. Immediately inform the competent services to take action,” they noted in OK “South”.

At the same time, the deployment or movement of the defense forces should not be reported either on social networks, or in the media, or in a friendly conversation.

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