Hellish heat in the West and thunderstorms in the North: weather forecast for the week of July 18-24


Hellish heat in the West and thunderstorms in the North: weather forecast for the week 18 - 24 July

Weather forecast for the week 18 – 24 July/Pixabay

The weather in Ukraine during the week of July 18-24 will be contrasting. In the West, weather forecasters predict abnormally high temperatures, and in the East – freshness and light precipitation.

The weather in Ukraine over the next week will be different in different regions. In the East and North it will be comfortable and warm, and in the West and South it will be dry and hot.

Where to expect +42 degrees

In TranscarpathiaThe week will start with +27 degrees. The air will gradually warm up every day and already on Friday the temperature will rise to +37 degrees, and on Saturday – in general to anomalous +42 degrees. The sky these days will be cloudless, so do not stay under the open sun for a long time, because it is dangerous. By the way, at night it will also be very warm – +22 degrees. On Sunday, the thermometers in Transcarpathia will drop a little – to +28 degrees and clouds will finally appear in the sky.

In Lvivon Monday it will still be fresh – +22 degrees, but the air will start to warm up , and on Saturday it will already be +35 degrees. Starting Wednesday, the sun will not set behind the clouds, so this is the perfect time to sunbathe. However, remember about protective creams!

In the Northtraditionally it will be warm. During the week, the thermometers will fluctuate within +28…+31 degrees in Odessa and Crimea, as well as +30…+32 degrees in Nikolaev and Kherson. The sky may be covered with clouds on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, on all other days it will be clear. By the way, Thursday night is promised to be very warm – +23 degrees.

There will be thunderstorms and rains in the North

For residents of the northern regions, the weather prepared both rain and heat. So, weather forecasters predict a thunderstorm and +23 degrees on Wednesday. On Thursday, the rain will fall from the very morning, light precipitation is also possible on Friday. However, at the weekend it will already be +28…+31 degrees Celsius. The sky is predicted to be sunny and cloudy, so it is likely that the weather will be quite comfortable.

What weather is promised in the East

On weekdays in Kharkiv it will be fresh and warm . On Wednesday, the thermometers will soar to +25 degrees, and on Thursday they will drop to +20 degrees. In addition, rain is possible on this day. Hotter weather is predicted for the weekend – +27 degrees on Saturday and +32 degrees on Sunday.

In all other eastern regions, the air will be warmer during the week. The thermometers will fluctuate within +27…+30 degrees.

Weather forecast in Kyiv

In Kyiv, the week will start with comfortable indicators – +22..+24 degrees. On Wednesday, the air will warm up to +27 degrees, and the next day the temperature will drop to +22 degrees. The sky is predicted to be cloudy with clearings. At the weekend, as in all other cities of Ukraine, the thermometers in the capital will rise. In particular, the air will warm up to +30…+33 degrees.

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