Helping hand from Xi Jinping for Vladimir Putin: what China is interested in


Helping hand from Xi Jinping for Vladimir Putin: what China is interested in

Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to leave for Moscow and meet with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. But it is impossible to say whether this meeting will definitely take place.

This was stated in a commentary on Channel 24 by a political scientist, a sociologist from Germany, Igor Eidman. According to him, some people are interested in Putin's Russia not collapsing, but “shut off” from the West – to be a “lightning rod”.

“And all the energy of the West was directed against Putin's Russia, and not against their countries. First of all, Xi – China, and partly Erdogan – Turkey. Xi and Erdogan have been trying to lend a helping hand to Putin for a long time,” he said.

Eidman is convinced that this is about the Russian dictator making certain attempts. freeze the war, stop any offensive actions.

After all, Xi, Erdogan, Orban, and other Putin’s quasi-friends are well aware that Putin will lose this war if he continues it,” the political scientist said.

Therefore, the Russian dictator, he believes, should lend a helping hand.

“And this strange“ drowned man ”repels this hand. He says that he does not drown, and now he will swim across, at least, the Black Sea. He is not going to take even simply demonstrative peaceful steps,” Igor Eidman noted.

He noted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could only “squeeze” out of him a meaningless “Christmas truce”, which Putin immediately violated.

What are the interests of China

“Therefore, of course, Xi is interested in preserving the Putin regime, because he is a “lightning rod” from the West, firstly. And secondly, it is very profitable economically,” said a sociologist from Germany.

In his opinion, this is because China is buying Russian natural resources that cannot be sold on other markets.

“On the one hand, yes, he would like to freeze this war. On the other hand, even Putin himself is not ready to try to freeze the war,” he said.

What China is interested in: watch the video

The political scientist is sure that no one, and above all Ukraine, the West, would agree to a freeze of the war on the conditions that Russia could “gobble up” those territories that it has already occupied.

“But in this case, this would give Xi the opportunity to say: 'If Ukraine wants to fight, and Russia is ready for peace and stop, then I will help Russia,'” he said.

The weakness of the Russian dictator

However, Putin, the sociologist is sure, does not accept this helping hand. Maybe the Russian dictator is afraid that if he says to stop the war, it will be perceived as weakness.

And he is most afraid, like all weak people, that his weakness should be visible. Therefore, he is not accepting this pitch from Xi yet,” Eidman said.

He believes that the head of China can come to Moscow only if he is completely sure that Putin will accept his application.

Has Putin finally broken away?

Igor Eidman is convinced that if Xi Jinping does not come to Moscow, and Vladimir Putin does not accept the so-called Chinese “peace plan”, this will mean that the Russian dictator has completely lost his temper and does not even listen to his “elder Chinese brother.”

“And if such a 'peace plan' is approved, it means that Putin still leads the Chinese to a certain extent,” the political scientist summed up.

What is the position of China

  • Xi Jinping is due to meet with Vladimir Putin. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Chinese leader plans to speak with Volodymyr Zelensky. This will probably happen after the visit of the head of China to Moscow.
  • The United States reacted positively to a possible conversation between Xi Jinping and Volodymyr Zelensky. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that there are several features here.
  • China is more actively involved in the topic of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin is convinced that Beijing is governed by its own interests.

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