“Here is a complete f*ck, I answer you”: occupiers urge “colleagues” not to go to war in Ukraine


"Here is a complete f*ck, I answer you": occupiers call on "colleagues" not to go to war in Ukraine

Intercepted conversations of infidels/Illustrative photo< p _ngcontent-sc86="" class="news-annotation">The Security Service of Ukraine has released new recordings of Russian military conversations. There, the invaders, who have felt the strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, urge other Russians not to go to war in Ukraine.

The Russian military admit that they are amazed at the scale of the losses inflicted on them by Ukrainian troops in the Donbass.

During a telephone conversation, the Russian invader assured his friend who remained in Russia and was thinking of coming to war in Ukraine so that he would not do this.

Don't even think about it. Don't… I'm telling you, we were visited by a thousand people from Kaliningrad. One thousand! Hear me a thousand! Three hundred left! In short, here is a complete *****, I'm telling you, – the occupier is trying to explain.

According to him, the only thing that somehow stimulates the Russian military to fight further is the opportunity to loot. The invader admitted in a conversation that he “found” AirPods, and his colleagues took away computers and monitors.

What else do infidels talk about in intercepted conversations

  • Russians are rioting with entire military units. Because of the colossal losses, no one is in a hurry to go to war in Ukraine.
  • Not only ordinary soldiers die in war, but also commanders. One occupant told how the guts of the brigade commander were collected back into the stomach. He was sent to Russia for treatment, but he did not survive.
  • In another conversation, the Russian told how he tortured a Ukrainian soldier. A wheel was run over the fighter's leg, but he never said anything to the invaders.
  • Kafirs share stories about their crimes with each other. The SBU recently intercepted a conversation between two Russian invaders confessing to having stolen a tank.

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