Hinteregger on fan riots in Leverkusen:


Martin Hinteregger caused a sensation after the Bundesliga game between Bayer Leverkusen and Eintracht Frankfurt with a crazy TV interview. When asked about the fan riots in front of the Bay Arena in Leverkusen (report: Police in Leverkusen prevent riots), the ÖFB team player provided an astonishing answer.

Hinteregger on fan riots in Leverkusen:

“Yes, they probably talked each other out and knocked a bit. For that, which has not been football for so long, and the opportunity was not there often … if both wanted it, it's okay, “said the Carinthian-born in an interview with ZDF .

Reporter Boris Büchler smiled and asked again: “If both of you want it, is it okay?” Hinteregger grinned: “Yes, why not? Happened more often, somehow also belongs to football, right? You can report something again, they have fun fighting, we have to answer interviews about it – everyone benefits from it. It's nothing bad. “

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