His interests began to contradict the desires of Putin: what is Kadyrov striving for


His interests began to contradict the desires of Putin: what is Kadyrov striving for

The Chechen terrorist Ramzan Kadyrov has been engaged in active political expansion for many years, but the myth about the strength of the “Kadyrovites” was shattered with the first clashes about the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now, for Kadyrov, it is important to keep what he already has, and one can already forget about new achievements.

Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Kadyrov's influence was based on the mythical image of strong “Kadyrovites” who were supposedly world champions in everything, but this image was completely destroyed in the war with Ukraine.

Kadyrov bloated

Abbas Gallyamov suggests that Ramzan Kadyrov decided to release information about his health problems so that he would have an official excuse for participating in the war. Since the strength of Kadyrov and the “Kadyrovites” turned out to be a soap bubble, the head of the Chechen terrorists himself is now trying to keep what he already has.

The political scientist noted that Kadyrov is now very weak in political understanding, and for some time he tried to maintain his image with the help of TikTok Troops, but later he or his advisers realized that this was complete nonsense.

Abbas Gallyamov talks about the contradictions between Putin and Kadyrov: watch the video

Gallyamov is convinced that Kadyrov is now very focused on maintaining power in Chechnya, therefore he fully supports the actions of the Kremlin, is completely loyal to the actions of Vladimir Putin and leaks Yevgeny Prigozhin in favor of Sergei Shoigu.

He now needs to retain power in Chechnya itself, because it is obvious that he turned a significant part of the Chechens against himself with his authoritarian and dictatorial methods of management. Abbas Gallyamov said.

He added that the Chechens, who are now fighting on the side of Ukraine, declare that after the destruction of the Russian invaders on Ukrainian territory, they will go to liberate Chechnya.

According to the political scientist, Kadyrov fears this and is preparing for a possible confrontation. In this situation, the interests of Putin and Kadyrov diverge, because Putin wants the Chechens to take part in the assault on Bakhmut and other cities of Ukraine in order to squeeze more from Ukraine, and Kadyrov wants the Chechens to sit in Chechnya and be ready for a possible war already there.

Ramzan Kadyrov: latest news

  • Recently, the Chechen terrorist has a sick look, his face has changed a lot. In addition, Kadyrov has gained weight and has problems with his eyes.
  • Putin benefited from Kadyrov because the leader of Chechnya's radical statements helped Putin shape the image of a leader from supposedly moderate views. However, this situation is becoming increasingly difficult to control.
  • In the relationship between Putin and Kadyrov, not everything is as smooth as it might seem at first glance. Their relationship is complicated enough because Putin lost the Chechen war and killed Kadyrov's father, but now he pays tribute to Kadyrov, and he is loyal to Putin and Moscow.

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