Historian and cyborg Vyacheslav Zaitsev died in the battles for Ukraine


Historian and cyborg Vyacheslav Zaitsev died in the battles for Ukraine

Almost every day we see Ukrainian heroes dying at the hands of Russian invaders. The defender of the Donetsk airport passed away – the military man went back to the front in the first days of the full-scale offensive.

Acting mayor of Zaporozhye Anatoly Kurtev announced on October 5 that Vyacheslav Zaitsev had died. The man was a historian, a military man and a deputy of the Zaporozhye city council of the last two convocations.

Memories of Zaitsev

In 2014, Zaitsev defended the Donetsk airfield and in 2015 participated in the battles for Debaltseve. For military merits, he was awarded an honorary state award – the Order “For Courage” of the third degree.

A man died defending Ukraine in the Donetsk direction. Deputy Roman Lozinsky, who went to the front, on his Facebook recalls that the soldier who fell in battle had a big heart and was an intelligent historian.

During these accursed days of the war, it seemed that one already despised death. You joke indecently about a person's ability to die. Also in the war. I will never forget your tour of Khortitsa. Vyacheslav, say hello to all of us. Honor to you. And we … And what are we? Live so that all this is not in vain,” Lozinsky wrote.

He also called Zaitsev a real Ukrainian, a patriotic hero and a Zaporozhye Cossack.

The constant optimism of a fallen military man

< p> Lozinsky knowingly mentioned “obscene jokes” on contempt for death. On October 2, in his social networks, Zaitsev published a photo from the front, writing about an orgy on Shchekavitsa, if there is a nuclear war. This testifies to the indestructible spirit of the defender of Ukraine and the desire to laugh, despite any problems.

Recall that in Bucha they said goodbye to the military Mikhail Matyushenko, who led the “ghosts of Kyiv”. The colonel led the 40th tactical aviation brigade. According to Anatoly Fedoruk, mayor of Bucha, the pilots under the command of Matyushenko returned alive from tasks, and he also had the call sign “Grandfather”.

The editors of Channel 24 express their sincere condolences to the families and friends of Colonel Matyushenko. Glory to the fallen Hero!

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