History repeats itself: how Russian bombing of Kyiv mimics Nazi tactics


History repeats itself: how Russian bombing of Kyiv mimics Nazi tactics

Massive Russian shelling of peaceful cities in Ukraine revived terrible memories of the events of World War II, in which Putin cannot avoid comparisons with Hitler. He did the same, only instead of Kyiv there was London.

On October 10 and 11, Russia launched a massive shelling of Ukrainian cities, relying on the killing of civilians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. A week later, Russia repeated the attack. Again, the main blow was dealt to Kyiv.

Russian terror

The purpose of these attacks is obvious – Russia seeks to “finally solve the Ukrainian issue”: to intimidate Ukrainians with terror using missiles and drones, provoke a humanitarian catastrophe and persuade the country's leadership to “Minsk-3”.

When In this case, these war crimes have no practical significance: by bombing civilians in Kyiv or Zhitomir, Russia will not be able to stop the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson and will in no way save Russian soldiers from defeat on other fronts of the war.

On October 17, after the morning shelling of Kyiv, Polish official Michal Dvorczyk compared the actions of Putin and Hitler on his Twitter.

Kyiv this morning. Housing estates, Russian barbarians. This is increasingly reminiscent of the chaotic V-2 rocket attacks on London by a powerless Hitler at the end of World War II. he emphasized.

History repeats itself

Indeed, terrible, however, quite logical parallels arise. When Europeans see the ruins of Kyiv or other Ukrainian cities, they remember the Spanish Guernica bombed by the Luftwaffe, the Nazi “London Blitz” and the city of Coventry razed to the ground. They recall the agony of Hitler and Nazism, when the frantic Fuhrer in 1944 gave the order to shoot at London with the grandmothers of modern Russian “Caliber” – V-1 cruise missiles, and later – V-2 ballistic missiles.

Pay attention!In total, the Nazis fired almost 10,000 V-rockets at Britain, a third of them reaching their target. And in 1940, and in 1944, and in 1945, the German bombing of peaceful cities in Great Britain brought great destruction and thousands of deaths. The shelling continued until the end of March 1945, when the fate of the war had long been determined, and Hitler himself had a month and one day to live.

New Hitler

The whole world is now seeing the crimes of Putin and the crimes of his subordinates. There are no illusions. Only Russia does not see, therefore it continues to drive itself deeper into the abyss.

Putin repeats the path of Hitler. He also lives in his own fictional world, envies the “Anglo-Saxons”, gives orders from the bunker, believes in the “wunderwaffe” (drones “Geran-2”, because there are no missiles left, and it did not work to scare the “Poseidons”), and also waits breakthrough successes, only not of General Wenck, but of the prisoners of their “cook” – Prigogine.

Putin has said many times that he loves history but does not seem to know it. If it were the other way around, he should understand that the missile terror was not successful. Moreover, he untied the hands of the Allies, who responded with their devastating attacks, however, they made industrial facilities their goals, in fact, their destruction in 1944 and crippled the Third Reich.

Putin must know that no Vank did not come to Hitler's aid and had to poison himself in the bunker with Eva Braun and his beloved dog.

Putin's accomplices should remember the fate of Hitler's accomplices, and especially the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering. Among the Rashists, this role is played by General Surovikin, who simultaneously commands all Russian occupiers in Ukraine and its environs. He even looks a bit like Goering, at least he is in the same weight category with him.

It is he who is called the architect of the bombing of Ukrainian cities, which means that it is time for Mr. Surovikin to stock up on potassium cyanide , following the example of its predecessor.

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